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evolve magazine‘s weekly webradio is a creative forum for a new, trans-secular spirituality.
We are LIVE on air every Thursday from 20:00 - 21:00 Central Europe Time. (Please check World Time Buddy for the time in your location.)
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Radio evolve invites people who are making visionary contributions to a new, integral, and evolutionary culture to join in dialogue. We feature people who are exploring how to live a spiritual life in our changing, complex contemporary world. They include authors, teachers, activists, scientists, artists and more. Out of our desire to creatively combine diverse perspectives into a new integral worldview, Radio evolve opens up spaces of understanding and encounter to inspire us to a more conscious life. Annette Kaiser, Thomas Hübl, Ervin Laszlo, Prof. Thomas Görnitz, Claus Eurich and many others have joined us so far. We now have over 300 episodes (in German) on philosophy and mysticism, progressive spirituality, science and transcendence, society and cultural policy, ecology and development – and they are all available for you to listen to and download from our archive.

The evolve webradio program was founded in 2010 by Dr. Thomas Steininger, publisher of the quarterly German-language magazine evolve for consciousness and culture. The program now has between 800 and 1000 regular listeners. Thomas has developed his own style of spontaneous dialogue that highlights the visionary nature of his studio guests‘ work. Through developing a shared field of consciousness with his guests, Thomas guides the dialogue so as to reveal the potential of an intelligence between human beings that arises from the creative immanence of the moment. Radio evolve creates a special relationship between radio guest and audience. The experience of our listeners is that these conversations have become a dynamic forum for reflection and inner growth.

Starting in 2018, Radio evolve includes English-language programming. Every other week the program is in English with guests from around the world. Through One World in Dialogue, Thomas and his partner Elizabeth Debold have created a global community that, combined with the listeners of Radio evolve, can help to foster a new global culture of consciousness.

We warmly invite you to experience the aliveness, authenticity, and power of conscious radio.

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