Diane Hamilton : Inner evolution for social revolution

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Our troubled world needs us. It needs integrally minded men and women who have an open spiritual heart to step up in a world that is in danger of falling apart. But are we ready, ready with our soul, heart, and mind to hold the complexity and contradictions of this world?
Until we can find unseen perspectives in our selves, we will be challenged to find them outside of ourselves. Until we can embrace the knots of bias in ourselves, we won’t be able to unlock them around us. Until we can free ourselves from the habits that keep us safe, we will not be able to liberate a group or an organization to pursue what’s outside of the known and familiar. Removing our biases and preferences is what creates more spaciousness and allows us to be more responsive. And it needs our inner evolution to create a social revolution.
Diane Musho Hamilton works globally as a mediator and as a teacher of Integral Spirituality and Zen. In Utah (USA) she established mediation programs throughout the court system. Her book Everything is Workable, a Zen approach to conflict resolution shows us a new way to show up in and for our world. In this week’s Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger speaks with Diane Hamilton about inner evolution and social revolution.