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Audio Files

1-Debold-Steininger-Mitchell-Sharma-Kaiser: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

2-AUSTRALIA-Jampijinpa-Grieves: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

3-CHINA-Wu-Togochog: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

4-INDIA-Atmapriyananda-Venkatesh: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

5-MIDDLE-EAST-Farouq-Abouleish: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

6-New-Activists-Debold-Steininger: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

7-Steininger-Debold-Dirlik: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

8-AFRICA-Akomolafe-Assegid: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

9-EUROPE-Steininger: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

10-Eisenstein-NORTH-AMERICA-DeLaronde-Fluker: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

11-LATIN-AMERICA-Rosado-Jimenez: Download Mp3 File | Stream File

12-Women-Making-Change-Debold-Steininger-Hamilton: Download Mp3 File | Stream File


Below you will find the schedule for One World Rising.
For your convenience, this schedule has been updated to reflect the actual sequence of speakers during the event. You may use this to follow along as you listen to the recordings.

For additional information, please refer back to the original event page for One World Rising

Saturday, September 12, 2015

7:00 am UTC to 2:00 pm UTC

7:00 am UTC

Welcome & Introduction

Elizabeth Debold & Thomas Steininger
plus a special welcome message from Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 (prerecorded)

7:30 am UTC

What makes cross-cultural dialogue work?

Monica Sharma & Annette Kaiser (prerecorded)

8:00 am UTC


Steve Wanta Jampijinpa Patrick
Vicki Grieves

9:00 am UTC

East Asia

Master Zhongxian Wu (China)
Enghebatu Togochog (Southern Mongolia)

10:00 am UTC


10:30 am UTC

Integral Without Borders

Gail Hochachka & Sushant Shrestha (prerecorded)

11:00 am UTC


Swami Atmapriyananda
Rajan Venkatesh

12:00 pm UTC

The Middle East

Wael Farouq (Egypt)
Ibrahim Abouleish (Egypt)

1:00 pm UTC

The New Activists

Adrian Wagner (Germany), Ica Hernandez (Philippines)
Amir Ahmad Nasr (Sudan), Maíra Rahme (Brazil)

1:45 pm UTC

Day 1 Wrap Up

Elizabeth Debold & Thomas Steininger

Sunday, September 13, 2015

1:00 pm UTC to 8:00 pm UTC

1:00 pm UTC

Day 2 Welcome

Elizabeth Debold & Thomas Steininger

1:15 pm UTC

A politics of place

Arif Dirlik(United States)

1:45 pm UTC


Adebayo Akomolafe (Nigeria)
Yene Assegid (Ethiopia)

2:45 pm UTC


Thomas Steininger (Austria), Thomas Hübl (Austria) & Yehudit Sasportas (Israel)

3:45 pm UTC


4:15 pm UTC

The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible

Charles Eisenstein

4:45 pm UTC

North America

Sandra DeLaronde (Canada)
Walter Fluker (United States)

5:45 pm UTC

South America

Santiago Jimenez (Colombia)
[more to come]

6:45 pm UTC

Woman Creating Change

Mary Adams (Australia), Nadia Manzoor (UK)
Yael Treidel (Israel), Kalpana Sampath (India)

7:30 pm UTC

Developing capacity for dialogue, Next steps &
thank you

Thomas Steininger & Elizabeth Debold with
Diane Musho Hamilton