Agota Eva Ruzsa: Healing the Shadows of Europe

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European culture dominated the world in the last 500 years. European enlightenment is a cultural achievement with a lot of light but also many shadows that became in recent years more obvious for many people around the globe.

Agota Eva Ruzsa does not come from one of the main European colonial powers. She comes from Hungary, where she works as a wisdomweaver.

As a creative member of Club of Budapest and an educator on dialogue at the Universities in Budapest/ Hungary, she knows of the wounds and shadows of Europes complex history and heritage. She has specialized in developing capacities to facilitate systemic and transformative dialogues working for many years with Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer and their processes of social presencing. How attune to something like a cosmic Intelligence, so that we may co-create collective and heal our cultural shadows. Thomas Steininger talks with Agota Eva Ruzsa about healing the shadows of Europe.