Eugene Pustoshkin: The Russian Contribution to Integral Thinking

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Eugene Pustoshkin is a clinical psychologist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is also one of the main translators and interpreters of Ken Wilber’s integral thinking in Russia, and editor of the online integral journal, Eros & Kosmos (

But Russia itself, with its unique place between European and Asian cultures, has its own history of integral thinkers Philosophers like Vladimir Solovyov, developmental theorists like Lev Vygotsky, but also literary giants like Dostojevsky and Tolstoy, are part of the integral lineage. After two generations of communist ideological domination, there is a new generation of young Russians who are connecting both with their unique Russian heritage and with new forms of integral thinking and practice, such as Holoscendence.

In this week’s Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger speaks with Eugene Pustoshkin about what we can learn from Russia to develop a truly global integral thinking.