Geoff Fitch: We Space – the new frontier of conscious evolution

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A new wave of mindfulness practice is emerging in different parts of the world. Mindfulness practices are a very new development in our postmodern culture. Only twenty years ago, if mindfulness was known at all, it was known as a meditation practice with Buddhist roots practiced by spiritually oriented people. Now mindfulness has gone mainstream–and, at the same time, mindfulness is taking a new turn. Many groups in Europe and America are experimenting with collective forms of mindfulness–We-Space practices, such as Collective Presencing, Mutual Awakening, Theory U, and more. Geoff Fitch, a founder of Pacific Integral, is one of the pioneers of the new collective mindfulness. He sometimes speaks of it as the Kosmic-We. His work allows him to open this new We Space in groups and organizations.
What is the potential for individual and collective transformation that Geoff sees in these new practices?

This week in Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger talks with Geoff Fitch about We-Space as a new frontier of conscious evolution.