Songs of the Shaman

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A conversation with Metsa Nihue

The well known Western practitioner of Shamanism Metsa Nihue released with album Contact a compilation of ceremonial plant medicine songs, called ikaros, some of which are presented traditionally, true to their origin, and others which are a reinterpretation through decades of practice in this work. “As I sing I invoke the Great Spirit, the light and love of the universe through my singing to reach you where you are in time and space. I intend to open your world of hearing, seeing and experiencing – to take you on a journey. With each song I’m calling in the plants, the spirits, people, and energies of the invisible world. I’m connecting all of them through a vessel: me. From this space I am nourishing your kaya (spirit), opening your juente (heart), and clearing your way.”    

Thomas Steininger talks with Metsa Nihue about how the songs of a Shaman can hold meaning in a modern world.