Judith Miller : Healing the Western Soul

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Is the West in the midst of a spiritual identity crisis? Over forty years ago, Western seekers turned to Eastern spirituality and started the “New Age” Movement to renew our own spiritual search. This created a lot of insights and enriched Western spirituality, but Judith Miller, Ph.D., Columbia University professor of Human Development, claims that it also led Westerners to abandon their own spiritual roots. She thinks that the turn to the East has created an individual and collective split of epic proportions in the West. The message of her new book, Healing the Western Soul, is that today’s spiritual seekers with Judeo-Christian roots should rediscover their own lineage. They should discover who they are. This is a radical message in the age of pluralism, diversity, and global spiritual fusion.  How can Westerners be true to their spiritual roots and at the same time be part of the spiritual dialogue that we need more than ever in our globalized world?

Thomas Steininger talks with Judith Miller about the Western soul and its role in global culture.