Jeff Salzmann : Integral Insights on Global Politics

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The current political moment is very challenging. Neo-authoritarian political movements are challenging the neoliberal systems that have governed the world for decades. While neoliberalism has created a global ecological, financial, social and also moral crisis, new forms of authoritarianism don’t seem to be a good answer. What is an integral perspective on our dangerous global situation? Jeff Salzman is a renowned international integral voice. He worked with his hero, Ken Wilber, in developing the integral institute in the USA, and in presenting historic seminars on the application of integral theory to business, psychology, and spirituality. His passion is, as he says “to think about the ever-arising cosmos, and helping other people do the same.” For years now, he has been doing exactly this on his US-webcast, The Daily Evolver, where he talks with his guests about “integral insights into politics and culture.”
Thomas Steininger invited Jeff Salzman to talk about integral insights on a world in crisis.