Alnoor Ladha: Integral consciousness and global inequality

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Thomas Steininger and Alnoor Ladha

Alnoor Ladha is Executive Director of /The Rules (/TR), a global network of activists dedicated to changing the rules that create inequality and poverty around the world. He is a Board Member of Greenpeace International USA and a visiting lecturer at New York University (NYU) Alnoor’s daily practice involves deep immersion into cosmic entanglement knowing his activist work is a spiritual practice and vice versa.

His work is about the interplay between political organization, system thinking, storytelling, technology, and the decentralization of power. As he writes about global inequality: “The reasons for all this are, of course, many and complex. But stand far enough back and it’s also
quite simple. Essentially it boils down to the fact that the corporate capitalist system is governed by incentives and rewards that are unable to directly register anything but economic value. The system is deaf, dumb and blind to climate destruction and mass human suffering.”

Thomas Steininger will speak with Alnoor Ladha on Radio evolve about how an Integral consciousness can address global inequality.