Otto Scharmer: Collective Mindfulness as a Tool for Global Change

Radio evolve

Otto Scharmer

Thinking about global change is often daunting. How do we influence the complex systems that we are enmeshed in? This is a question that concerns Otto Scharmer. He is a Senior Lecturer at MIT in Boston and founder of the Presencing Institute. But he is best known for his book Theory U, which has become the bible for change makers working with organizations. He’s also famous for developing the eight acupuncture points for transforming capitalism. Otto Scharmer explores and innovates with the potential of collective presence in his work with governments, big companies and the thousands of social activists around the world who are striving to reinvent education, health, business, and governance systems worldwide. He brings the spirit of a new form of collective mindfulness to address the complex networks and problems that we face today.

This week on Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger talks with Otto Scharmer about how collective mindfulness can be a powerful tool for global change.