Compassionate Conversations: How to Speak and Listen from the Heart

Sophie Grantz Radio evolve

Diane Musho Hamilton

Thomas Steininger in conversation with Diane Musho Hamilton

Conversation, that most basic human act, has become increasing difficult in our polarized times. In fact, it’s not even clear how to have a good, decent, deep conversation with others any longer. There are so many minefields around “political correctness” and “identity politics.” How can we listen to different perspectives, let go of our own viewpoints, and at the same time maintain a clear understanding of our desires and goals within every conversation?

Let’s ask Zen meditation teacher Diane Musho Hamilton. Diane, known for her Integrally informed facilitation skills, just wrote the book Compassionate Conversations, together with leadership coach Gabriel Menegale Wilson and the peace activist Kimberly Myosai Loh. They explore how to have effective communication among very different and diverse people. How can we “be for each other” and have truly real and compassionate conversations?

In this week’s Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger talks with Diane Hamilton about how to speak and listen from the heart.