One World in Dialogue and the Global Dialogue Lab are part of the German charitable education association, emerge bewusstseinskultur e.V.

We depend on donations to bring you our programs. Thank you very much for making our shared work possible!

Your donation allows us to continue with the Global Dialogue Lab, to offer free training to persons in the Global South, and to give big discounts and scholarships to people who cannot afford to pay for our courses.

You have these two options for making a donation:

1. BY TRANSFER – Bank details:

emerge bewusstseinskultur e.V.
…… IBAN: DE11 4306 0967 6028 9037 00 │ BIC: GENODEM1GLS
: Donation or specific example: donation-Global Dialogue Lab or scholarships or simply “donation”


Our Paypal is connected to our German parent company, so the first page of Paypal is in German. (Thank you for your cultural sensitivity and adventurousness!) Read the instructions below and then click on the “Donate” button.

Enter the donation amount in the space underneath the word “Spendenbetrag” (which means Donation Amount). (FYI — 1 USD = 0.95 euros)

Hit return–now you should see your total under the word “Gesamtbetrag” and “Summe.”

Now hit the yellow button that says “Einloggen,” which means “Log in.” You will go to your Paypal, in the language that you use. So it’s easy from here! (Thank you again!)