Between I and We: The Interplay between Individuation and We-Space

Sophie Grantz Radio evolve

Tom Amarque

Thomas Steininger in dialogue with Tom Amarque

In the work of evolve, Thomas Steininger and the team see a new edge of culture and consciousness that is emerging. This edge opens up a new We-Space between us, and takes us simultaneously more deeply into our individuation and beyond it. We call this “trans-individuation.”

Tom Amarque, author and publisher, heads the online magazine and podcast series called parallax. Tom and Thomas have been friends for many years. They are collaborators in a shared intention to contribute to a new integral and metamodern culture. At the same time, they emphasize different aspects of this emerging culture. Thomas Steininger focuses on trans-individuation and co-creative presence, while Tom Amarque emphasizes the need  of continuous individuation, individual maturity, and a new hero-culture in the “eternal war against chaos.”

In this episode of Radio evolve, Tom Amarque and Thomas Steininger talk about the dialectics and relationship between individuation and trans-individuation.