Our Myths Create Our Worlds

Sophie Grantz Radio evolve


Tomas Björkman

Thomas Steininger in dialogue with Tomas Björkman

Tomas Björkman, the Swedish metamodern philanthropist, scientist, and philosopher, wrote a book about how we create our worlds through the deep foundational stories that we tell each other and that hold our worlds together. His book, The World We Create, came out 2019 in English and now also in German as Die Welt die wir erschaffen.

Whether it was the god-given rights of kings in premodernity, the truth of science in Western modernity, or the market that decides everything in our pluralistic postmodern times, there have always been myths that we created and that, as a society, we believed in. These have been the foundations of our world. Today, in the metacrisis that we are living in, none of these myths hold anymore. Can we together consciously create new narratives that serve us better in navigating the complexity of our new metamodern future?

On Radio evolve this week, Thomas Steininger speaks with Tomas Björkman about his book, The World We Create – from God to Market.