Four Practices for Peace Workers and Change Makers

Sophie Grantz Radio evolve

Alnoor Ladha

Thomas Steininger in dialogue with Alnoor Ladha

Alnoor Ladha’s work focuses on the intersection of political organizing, systems thinking, and narrative work. He was the co-founder and Executive Director of The Rules (TR), a global network of activists, organizers, designers, coders, researchers, writers, and others focused on changing the rules that create inequality, poverty, and climate change. In a recent Facebook-Video he answered  the question: “What practices do you see as relevant for all global peaceworkers?”  In his answer, he spoke about four essential practices:

  1. Be a good student of our culture, our shared agreements and shared illusions. That is the oxygen that we breath.
  2. Disidentify from the culture, which means life-long spiritual and political deprogramming. Our loyalty is not to any system or institution but to Life itself.
  3. Transcend the subject-object duality. There are infinite ways into this practice. To hold that as a committed spiritual-political practice is life-long work.
  4. The final practice is the practice of animism, to be in dialogue with the living planet and the living cosmos.

Alnoor’s answers were inspiring, and inspired us to seek him out for a conversation.

This week in Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger speaks with Alnoor Ladha about essential practices for peace workers and change makers.