Joran Slane Oppelt: A dialogue with Joran Slane Oppelt

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A dialogue with Joran Slane Oppelt 

Diese Woche im globalen und englischsprachigen Angebot von Radio evolve:
We still live in a secular age. So much so that many people with a deep spiritual longing don’t identify themselves with the traditional religions at all. Instead they see themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” Even people who claim to be atheists, like the well-known book author Sam Harris, are looking for a secular and scientific spirituality that that does not see itself as a form of religion. Joran Slane Oppelt has not created a new religion, but he has founded a new church, the Integral Church, which is also the title of his new book. This week on Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger will talk with Joran about whether we may need more than a purely individualistic and secular spirituality. Religion has always meant community: a collective and shared spiritual path. Joran’s urge to develop an open integral spiritual community was also behind his project of an Integral Church. How can we respond to the need for spiritual community at a time when individuality is so strong? Does an Integral Church help resolve the tension between the individual and collective? How so?

Join us on Thursday, February 7 when Thomas Steininger and Joran Oppelt will talk about spirituality, individuality, community church, and religion in an postmodern integral age.