Marilyn Hamilton: Can our cities become intelligent hives?

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Integral City Meshworks is a global constellation of communities of practice that aspire to transform cities into human hives. Launched in 2005 in Canada, Integral City Meshworks works in the USA, the Netherlands, Russia, Mexico, and South Africa to transform cities by energizing relationships in order to unify visions and to develop eco-regional resilience strategies for hive-like well-being. Marilyn’s work engages with provocative questions: How can our cities become living, integral, evolutionary human systems? How can cities become the Reflective Organs of Gaia, our beloved planet?
Surprisingly, Marilyn’s integral vision for cities, which holds a systemic view of our global society, came about through an intuitive engagement that may be key to the transformation that Integral City is about. Marilyn calls it “responding to the ‘still small voice’ through her whispers, nudges, and revelations.” Thomas Steininger talks with Marilyn Hamilton how she is transforming our cities into Integral City Meshworks and how an intuitive intelligence has guided this work and her life.