Care Creates New Worlds: Our Cultural Crisis Needs a New Dialogic Capability

Sophie Grantz Radio evolve

Aftab Omer

Aftab Omer interviews Thomas Steininger

This week with exchanged roles: Aftab Omer, Dekan of the Meridian University in California, interviews Thomas Steininger for the Meridians Integral Voices program. Aftab is interested in Thomas’ 25 years of experience with new forms of dialogue.

“Might it be possible to respond to the multi-dimensional crises of our time with a different kind of speaking and listening? Can we protect and preserve the great storehouse of ideas, stories, and practices embedded in human cultures? These are some of the questions that Aftab asked. Thomas spoke to the alchemical power of care to create new potentials through dialogue that go beyond the words that are shared.”

In dieser Folge von Radio evolve führen wir ein Gespräch mit Thomas Steininger über die Kraft des Dialogs die Demokratie zu vertiefen und Kultur und uns selbst zu transformieren.