Awaken Your Tribe!

Ongoing Program for Committed Groups

September & March

For social entrepreneur teams, intentional communities, committed friends, and any group of human beings who want to co-create powerfully together

Do you long for your group to reach new collective potentials?

Do you sense something more creative, inspiring, loving, and alive is possible between you?

Then you're invited!
Join a living laboratory of We-Practice, developed especially for groups...

Discover the joy of

Awaken Your Tribe! is a year-long practice program designed for groups that want to live, work, and create at a new level of potential.

Most groups have moments, or even periods of time, when they experience a living flow together. But often these states mysteriously come and go. Often, too, we are inspired by the individuals in our groups, but somehow the potential that should be there when everyone is together just doesn’t consistently manifest.

Awaken Your Tribe! is for you and your group or team if you want to learn how to catalyze a new level of synergetic consciousness together. This is a co-conscious, co-creative, emergent capacity that only comes alive in a group.

In this program, your group will:

  • Co-awaken to a new dimension of “We-Space”
  • Cultivate depth and aliveness between you through meditation and dialogue practices
  • Explore the co-creative potential of intersubjective relatedness
  • Understand how individual behavior and attitudes affect emergence
  • Experiment with new ways of working together that include, develop, and transcend our individuality
  • Develop skill in working with the tricky issues of “We” work, such as ego, hierarchy, commitment, and decision-making
  • Establish new goals for working/living/creating as a collective

Transform conflict into creative friction.

Your Guides

Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger have each been working with We emergence for nearly 25 years. They view it as an essential 21st century practice for human development and cultural change.

Thomas is a philosopher and Elizabeth a developmental psychologist exploring gender. Together with a small team, they produce the German quarterly magazine, evolve. They also are the Vision Team for a small nonprofit association that offers training, programs, seminars, and retreats in emergent dialogue practice and what they call the “HigherWe,” which focuses on co-conscious emergence. They help to define the direction for a small, living community of persons in the German-speaking countries with different degrees of commitment to a living We practice. In addition, they are developing a virtual, global cohort of HigherWe practitioners and exploring new modes of sacred activism worldwide. All of their work with other human beings is guided by dialogical We-practices.

Elizabeth and Thomas met in a spiritual community that came to a painful end due significantly to the difference between a top-down authority model and the flexibility and co-creativity needed to support the We in its deeper emergence. From this experience, and the experience of guiding a community themselves, they have learned many critical lessons in balancing the delicate newness of the We, the integrity and complexity of our humanity, and the spaciousness and trust needed to guide human beings into new terrain. 

This program, Awaken Your Tribe!, is a new one for Thomas and Elizabeth. It will be a co-learning lab with participants who want to open up a whole new world of subtle potential in a collective, whether that is a work team, community, new venture, project or a wonderful group of friends.

Program Components


Monthly We-Space Training Session

On Zoom Videoconferencing

Each month you will have a 90-minute session led by Thomas and Elizabeth about developing your perception and intuition about the space between us. The curriculum is open (see potential topics below), and co-created, based on the experience and needs of participating groups.

Twice Monthly We-Practice

Your Group's Time to Practice

Twice per month, your own group will be given guidance on how to practice accessing and exploring the We together. This exploration will be framed by the monthly We-Space sessions led by Thomas and Elizabeth.

Monthly Q&A Sessions

Via Zoom Videoconferencing

Bring your questions about how to work with the We to these monthly 90-minute sessions with Elizabeth and Thomas. Here you can ask about We-Practice itself, about working with the We in different contexts, or applying what you have learned to your context.

Monthly Session Dates

So, there are two sessions together each month. One, with Elizabeth and Thomas for We Space instruction, with Elizabeth and Thomas is primarily on Sundays.
The other, for Q&A is usually on Saturdays.

We do not meet in July or August.

**PLEASE NOTE: Rarely, we have to change the date of the sessions. We will give notice in advance so that you can accommodate any change.**

Each of the sessions will be from 6:30-8:00pm Central Europe Time. We strongly recommend that all members of each participating group attend these sessions.

Please use the World Time Buddy to determine the time at your location.

The time for the twice per month practice sessions will be set by your group. Keep in mind that continued practice is the only way that your group or team or community will be able to become a living expression of an awakened We.

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We-Space Instruction

Sunday, September 13

Sunday, October 4

Sunday, November 8

Sunday, December 13

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday, February 7

Sunday, March 7

Sunday, April 11

Sunday, May 9

Sunday, June 6

Q&A Sessions

Sunday, September 27

Saturday, October 17

Saturday, November 28

Sunday, December 27

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Saturday, February 20

Saturday, March 20

Sunday, April 25

Saturday, May 29

Saturday, June 19



We will start by exploring the difference between an interpersonal and an intersubjective space — that is, the difference between “I-you” and “We.” From there, based on your input, we will explore how to awaken and deepen the We through topics like:

  • Prior Unity
  • Consciousness conscious
  • Not Knowing
  • Process Consciousness
  • Aliveness
  • Emergence
  • Transindividuation
  • Subtle Activism
  • and More…depending on your input.

Open to a new potential
for transformation.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our main aim is to support groups in awakening to the beauty, power, and intelligence of this new intersubjective awareness–and we need to support ourselves, too. We hope to have between 5-10 different groups participating.

If your group would like to pay in installments, needs financial support, or has questions about the program itself, please reach out to:

Register Here!


Per group per 10-month year.
A group can be 4 - 10 persons.
Bring your whole team!

The power of this program will come from each group’s sincere commitment to entering new terrain–a dimension of awareness that is just now being charted. What you and your group will get from the program will depend on how much you put in to it together.

At the same time, this program will be shaped by the desires and needs of the groups that are participating. Your questions and insights will be the guiding force behind the program. In this way, it is co-created between us all.

Explore the power of co-conscious emergence.

Awaken Your Tribe!

Awaken Your Tribe.