Global Turn into the New Year
Online Retreat 2021

Thank you so much for registering for our online Global New Year’s Retreat. Joining together around the world at this special time can be very powerful. We join in a global ritual, a rite of passage, that opens up a field of awareness of our shared presence on this planet.

Please know that we make this retreat available as part of the gift economy. If you are able, we would appreciate a gift in return.

IMPORTANT: Donations are made in Euros. When you fill in the amount, use a comma, not a decimal point in the number. That means for a donation of one hundred and twenty-five euros, you would write 125,00 not 125.00

You will hear from us shortly to help with your preparations. We look forward to having you with us on retreat.

We offer our programs and events as part of the gift economy—and we gratefully will accept a gift from you in return.


I have been cultivating transformative “We Space” practices for nearly 30 years. As a philosopher, practitioner, and spiritual mentor, I have dived deeply into the practice of meditation and into an exploration of the evolution of human consciousness, particularly the current transition from a hyperindividual “I” culture to a co-conscious “We.”

As an authority on cultural evolution and the different spiritual and religious currents that have formed our postmodern world, I bring this perspective into my work as publisher of evolve-magazin, the leading German magazine on consciousness and culture and as faculty at Meridian U. in California. I also have a weekly webcast called Radio evolve, where I have interviewed over 500 pioneers forging the future.

For the last decades, I have co-founded and developed a process of emergent dialogue, an advanced practice in conscious communication.