a 6-month program led by Elizabeth Debold & Thomas Steininger

January - June 2019

Have you ever had a sense that much more was possible between us? Not just in intimate relationships, but at work, with friends, in life?

There is.

It’s a new emergence in human consciousness. It’s about We: the creative potential of the space between us.

Some call it the We Space or Dynamic Presencing or Collective Intelligence. We call our We Space work the HigherWe.

Whatever you call it, it calls us to a higher and deeper integration of self with the whole, a living nonseparation of self and others, and a potential for co-creativity that is almost uncharted.

The Power of We program has three different parts that, taken together, provide a rich and comprehensive introduction to the living intersubjective field of We and its creative potential.

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Part 1


and develop the capacity to sense the living We Field through six 90-120 minute co-learning sessions led by Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold.

Part 2


what you are discovering in small groups that meet every other week with experienced facilitators. These 60 minute sessions are where the “rubber hits the road.”

Part 3


with different We Space practices for different purposes in monthly mini-workshops led by leading We-pioneers. Each workshop is 90-120 minutes long.

Program Leaders

For over twenty years, Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold have committed themselves to the development and exploration of We Space, which they call the HigherWe. They were part of pioneering work in a spiritual community that broke through to this new dimension of human togetherness and creativity. Realizing the cultural potential of this breakthrough, Elizabeth and Thomas have continued to develop their approach to We Space after the community disbanded.

Elizabeth and Thomas have been working together for the past five years in Germany and globally to develop a stable foundation of awakened We that can be shared more widely and deepened. Thomas is a philosopher by training, and publisher of evolve Magazine, a quarterly publication in German, as well as the host of Radio evolve. Elizabeth, trained as a developmental psychologist with a focus on gender, is the founder of One World in Dialogue, and the key architect of its global programs.

The Facilitator Team

Our facilitators hold open the depth, unity, and direction of the collective field. This is not a usual type of facilitation process, but one that is attuned to the deeper dimensions of the intersubjective — the space between us that is ever-present and alive. Our main “space holders” have been working this co-creative space for between eight and ten years. Some are new, with two years of experience, but a few have over a dozen years of experience and exploration of this new intersubjective terrain.

Maria Zacherl

Allgäu, Germany

Diana Spiegel

Dayton, Ohio, US

Peter Willer

Freiburg, Germany

Denise Mueller

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Abhishek Thakore

Mumbai, India

Maria Brandau

, Germany

Angelo Herrera

Manila, the Philippines

Diane Charles

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Matthew Kent

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Virginia Thomas

Montreal, Canada

Karen Miller-Lane

Middlebury, Vermont, US

co-learning Session Schedule

Sessions are held on Zoom Videoconferencing. You can join Zoom for free, and use any device that has a camera and audio: a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Need to miss a session? Not to worry. Each session is videorecorded, and all recordings are made available to participants to watch or download.

Session 1: Awakening the We

In this introductory session, you will be guided into an experience of the intersubjective, awakening your capacity to sense the subtle aliveness and potential that is always present between us. We will make key distinctions between an “I” and a “We” orientation that we will explore together.

DATE: Saturday, 26 January 2019 AND Sunday, 10 February 2019
TIME: For Saturday, 26 January: 4:00 pm UTC; 17:00 CET; 9:30 pm IST; 11:00 am US-EST

For Sunday, 10 February: Global Group: 2:00 pm UTC; 15:00 CET; 7:30 pm IST; 9:00 am US-EST

German Group: 5:00 pm UTC; 18:00 CET; 10:30 pm IST; 12:00 noon US-EST

Session 2: Mindfulness & Beyond

Mindfulness has brought awareness into the mainstream. While it is often used purely as a technique, it has opened many into the infinite depth that is the ground of Being. For the step into the We, having this grounding makes it easier to let go of the defensive boundaries of the small self. In this session, we will explore the practice of meditation as a gateway into sacred intimacy with each other and the world around us.

DATE: Saturday, 23 February 2019
TIME: 4:00 pm UTC; 17:00 CET; 9:30 pm IST; 11:00 am US-EST

Session 3: The Emergence of We Practices

In this session, we will place the emergence of the We and these new collective practices in an historical context. First, we will explore “emergence” and how it is essential to evolution at all levels of creation. Next, we ask: How are these practices something new and how are they a revisiting of earlier modes of consciousness from human tribes? We will explore the process of emergence in our experience together.

DATE: Saturday, 23 March 2019
TIME: 4:00 pm UTC; 17:00 CET; 9:30 pm IST; 11:00 am US-EST

Session 4: The Evolution of Creativity

Human beings have been defined by our creativity since the very beginning of human culture. Yet how we are creative has changed and developed over millennia. In this session, we will explore the development of creativity from the core evolutionary driver of procreation, to the leap to individual conscious creativity, and now the emergence of co-creativity. Co-creativity is not simply about working well together, but is about tapping into the mind, heart, and intelligence of the whole, as a collective, together.

DATE: Saturday, 27 April 2019
TIME: 4:00 pm UTC; 17:00 CET; 9:30 pm IST

Session 5: The dialogical sphere

Dialogue, which means the coming through (“dia-“) of the Word (“Logos”), is not simply about talking together. It is a transformation of self that takes us beyond our individuation and into an intuition of wholeness. Another potential is unleashed that is both transrational and transindividuated. Understanding this as the core of dialogical practice allows us to discover and explore a new, shared source of intelligence that can reveal new ways to take a step forward even in the most difficult circumstances.

DATE: Saturday, 25 May 2019
TIME: 4:00 pm UTC; 17:00 CET; 9:30 pm IST

Session 6: Co-Conscious Emergence

The experience of co-conscious emergence is the hallmark of the HigherWe. Dropping our fixation with our separate self-sense, and simultaneously refining our individual intention and capacity to choose where we place our attention, we can become vehicles for a co-conscious, co-intelligent presence that allows new capacities in our humanity to open up. We will explore this dimension together as a whole to see its profound sacredness as well as its practicality in meeting the challenges of the future.

DATE: Saturday, 29 June 2019
TIME: 4:00 pm UTC; 17:00 CET; 9:30 pm IST

Join us beginning on 26 January or 10 February 2019!

We will have two starting dates.

The second date is for late registrants and for speakers of German.

See above for times.

Special Guest Faculty


Holoscendence & Integral Meditation

Sunday, 24 February 2019

3:00pm UTC; 16:00 CET; 8:30pm IST; 10:00am EST-US

Eugene Pustoshkin is a clinical psychologist and integral scholar-practitioner from St. Petersburg, Russia. He is also one of the main translators and interpreters of Ken Wilber’s integral thinking in Russia, and chief editor of the online integral journal, Eros & Kosmos.

In this highly interactive module, you will learn to use a very special approach to experiencing life through the eye of contemplation and the heart of being present. It is radically applied in an all-embracing and inclusive way to everyday activities, without any retreat from what’s happening whatsoever. This way of maintaining nondualistic presence allows you to cultivate a profound meditative state with your eyes open amidst relationships with your loved ones, partners and colleagues, and Life in general. Waking up happens in an unmediated way right in the process of seeing and sensing each other in a deep and profound fashion.

To learn more about this module and Eugene, please click here.
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Francois Demange

Invisible Liveness Resonance:
A Recall of Celebration

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

2:00pm UTC; 15:00 CET; 7:30pm IST; 10:00am EST-US

Francois Demange is a well-known and highly regarded practitioner in the field of Amazonian plant spirit medicine and Native American Traditions. As a Reiki Master and healer he helps people connect to Spirit and the invisible power of Nature.

What is the meaning of liveness in nature? How can we together rediscover and activate the living reality and spiritual existence of nature? Rituals still very present in indigenous nations around the world have allowed me to recreate a bridge to nourish and honor the invisible existence we are surrounded by. Let’s explore together how to celebrate and reactivate our awareness of our spiritual environment and re-create bridges to the invisible that was once honored and nourished. Through rituals, as we nourish the invisible liveness and acknowledge its presence, it acknowledges us and creates a resonance of awareness that slowly incarnates itself in our living reality.

To learn more about Francois and the module he will lead, please click here.
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Rosa Zubizarreta

Hosting Co-Creative Dialogue on Challenging Issues

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

3:00pm UTC; 17:00 CET; 8:30pm IST; 11:00am EST-US

Rosa Zubizarreta is a master practitioner of the process arts, whose soul purpose is to steward Dynamic Facilitation by supporting other practitioners in learning this practice. She particularly focuses on transforming conflict into creativity in organizations and communities.

In this module, we will be exploring the power of empathy and we-flection to support collaborative and heart-centered meaning-making. The foundational paradox here is that by creating a truly welcoming space for differences, we open the doorway to the experience of deep communion. On a meta level, we will be alternating between periods of engaging in large-group dialogue on a particular topic, and periods when we will reflect together on what we are experiencing in the here-and-now.

To learn more about Rosa and this module, click here.

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Patricia Albere

Discover Mutual Awakening:
  A 21st Century Spiritual Practice

Friday, 10 May 2019

3:00pm UTC; 17:00 CET; 8:30pm IST; 11:00am EST-US

Patricia Albere is the founder of the Evolutionary Collective, internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and bestselling author of Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Mutual Awakening.

What distinguishes mutual awakening from most other forms of spiritual practice is that you cannot do it alone. The portal to the unique spiritual dimension of mutual awakening is discovered inside the liminal space – the space between two or more people. As we lovingly give our attention to the more subtle dimensions of reality and connectivity, the portal opens… and we enter into a new world of consciousness, a new kind of existence. This shared inner space of unity and mutually awakened reality is a new frontier in consciousness. During this powerful, two-hour module, Patricia will reveal the new paradigm of consciousness and leading edge spiritual practice we all can use to step into the fullness and power of who we are and who we can be together.

For more information about Patricia’s module and to receive the first three chapters of her bestselling book, click here.

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Nuno Da Silva

Meeting the Wild Beyond Our Fences

Thursday, 6 June 2019

5:00pm UTC; 19:00 CET; 10:30pm IST; 1:00pm EST-US

Nuno Da Silva, curator of The Emergence Network, is an Educational Activist, a transition initiatives promoter, an aspiring permaculture practitioner and a father of twins with his life companion Jo, entangled with Life, the Universe, and Everything.

During this module, Nuno will invite us to experience exercises that bring awareness and further develop the qualities of attention, awareness and openness as they allow the full complexity and richness of a social situation to emerge, to present itself completely. It allows the situation to speak for itself. Through those exercises, he will invite us to explore some of the following questions: How can we get connected to what is alive in others’ processes? How can we develop respect for what is in the state of becoming? For what is about to come, in a person, in a group, in an organisation? How can we become an organ of perception? How can we develop our faculties for really seeing? How can we develop a state of “not knowing”, a state of questing or intentional silence that enables us to learn? Can we discover Emergence as the intelligence of the Wild?

To learn more about Nuno and the introductory module that he will offer, click here.

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Olen Gunnlaugson

Dynamic Presencing

Friday, 14  June 2019

5:00pm UTC; 19:00 CET; 10:30pm IST; 1:00pm EST-US

Olen Gunnlaugson is an award-winning Associate Professor in Leadership and Organizational Development at Université Laval (Canada) where he teaches MBA courses in leadership, management skills and group communications.

In this module, Olen Gunnlaugson delves into his recent research and work in Dynamic Presencing with an experiential-led process of engaging the four grounds of presence. Building on the change method of Theory U, Dynamic Presencing is an in-depth apprenticeship for developing presencing capacity in your work and life as a whole. As a vehicle for helping presencing take root in your awareness as a core way of being, Dynamic Presencing serves practitioners from a wide range of fields: coaches, leaders, facilitators, change makers, educators, therapists, artists and social innovators. 

In this experiential session, Olen illustrates how uncovering and embodying the deeper ground of presence directly informs the We-Space and opens up a powerful inroad for practitioners to access key dimensions of the We together by exploring the territory of the Real, the Witness, Essence, and finally Source. Olen’s precision in activating presence through language makes this module a helpful one for participants who are interested in exploring the depth dimensions of presence as a gateway into a more robust, embodied, and lived into understanding of the We-Space.

To learn more about Olen, click here.

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