The Emergent Dialogue Lab

a monthly practice space for dialogue & emergence

Every third Saturday. Postponed until January 20.

ONE WORLD BEARING WITNESS on Dec. 2-3. Join us there!

Every third Saturday. Every month.
Come together with friends and peers for an exploration of intersubjective co-creativity. Developing the openness, intuition, and depth to catalyze emergence in a group takes time…and practice. In the Emergent Dialogue Lab, you can further develop in your capacity to support emergence — and meet in the enlivening intimacy of intersubjective dialogue.

When the space between us comes alive, a new potential for us as human beings becomes possible. In these days where core principles of decency, dignity, and mutual respect are being challenged, the opening up, sharing, and developing of this new potential takes on an urgency. And we discover that joy and curiosity can be the ground of human relationship.

Many pundits are saying that we are in the midst of a civilizational turning point. The old assumptions and beliefs are not holding any longer. The hope for the dawning of a “New Age” that dominated the postmodern spirtual world now seems further away than it ever has. It is very stressful. For some, these new political developments are pulling apart old friendships and family relationships. We need support, and the Emergent Dialogue Lab can help provide us with soul support amongst like-minded deep people so that we can stay strong and open through the difficult conversations and times.

And there may even be more to it. In a recent article by Jordan Greenhall for the blog news site Medium, he argues that non-linear innovation will be key to countering these nationalistic, violent, and regressive trends that have surged to the forefront in Western culture. The new “memes” and ways of being that can offer a fresh, life-positive alternative need to be created. The trick is that this can’t happen alone. As he says:

By yourself, you can’t think non-linearly. This isn’t your fault. Individual human beings can’t think non-linearly. Only “collective intelligences,” those agents of “inter-subjective consciousness” can. To put it more simply, we implement and do things as individuals. We innovate as tribes. And the world we live in today — the world of the 21st Century — is a world of continuous innovation.

Can the Emergent Dialogue Lab become a collective space for innovation? We don’t know. However, it can be a powerful, enlivening space for co-creative dialogue that supports your capacity to engage deeply with others and find our way forward together.


How will the Lab work?

  • 15 mins: Brief intro from Thomas & Elizabeth…moving into…
  • 30 mins: Whole group dialogue, that will end with…
  • 30 mins: Silent meditation. And then…
  • 45 mins: Small group dialogues

Two hours of real-time co-creative engagement.
We will meet at from 16:00 – 18:00 Central Europe Time. That is:
10:00 – 12noon East Coast USA
7:00 – 9:00 am West Coast USA
8:30 – 10:30 pm India Time
11:00 pm – 1:00 am China/Philippines

Who can join in?
The Lab is limited to individuals who have a foundation in emergent dialogue, like the Emerge Dialogue Process. If you feel that you have relevant experience and would like to join, please contact us.

Join when you want to.
The Lab doesn’t require any prior commitment. You pay for only the sessions that you attend. Think about it as a practice — like meditation or yoga. You can pay for one session at a time, or get a discount when you purchase a series of sessions.

Intersubjective, emergent dialogue is a new consciousness practice for life in our transformational time.


One Session


  • No commitment. Just show up.
  • But no bonus session…

One Full Year


  • 10 + 2 bonus sessions
  • Support your practice for a whole year

If you have any questions, or need a scholarship or support, please contact us.