Thank you very much for your willingness to support One World in Dialogue and our programs, such as Online Aliveness, the Global Pilgrimage to Assisi, and our annual free 24-hour vigil, One World Bearing Witness. Our work is only made possible through people’s love and generosity. We are grateful for each gift!

Offering our work in the spiritu of the gift economy seems right for our work. No one owns the consciousness that we share–it was a gift to us, and is a gift to you. However, we have expenses to cover in order to live modestly and to create and deliver our programs. Your donation allows us to continue our efforts to co-create a global we-space that connects us to each other and to our Earth.

Important for Global Donations: One of the difficulties in working globally is that our languages and money are different, which can be confusing. In Europe, one Euro is written: 1,00 € but in the US, one dollar is $1.00 — the commas and periods are used differently. Likewise 20,00 € is $20.00 … and so forth.

One World Bearing Witness, Radio evolve, and Online Aliveness are part of the German charitable education association, emerge bewusstseinskultur e.V. located in Frankfurt, Germany. (The name means “emerge consciousness culture.”)

You can make a donation as follows:

1. BY DIRECT BANK TRANSFER – Bank details:

emerge bewusstseinskultur e.V.
…… IBAN: DE11 4306 0967 6028 9037 00 │ BIC: GENODEM1GLS
: Donation or specific example: donation-Global Dialogue Lab or scholarships or simply “donation”

2. WITH PAYPAL / CREDIT CARD: Please fill out the form below. IMPORTANT NOTE: when you open Paypal, the language is often first in German, and then, once you click, it returns to your own language. If you want to change that first page to English, click on “Deutsch” (which means “German”) at the lower right corner of your screen. Your payment will go to emerge bewusstseinskultur e.V., which is the parent organization for all of the One World activities.

Thank you for your generosity!