Raúl Quiñones-Rosado

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Raúl Quiñones-Rosado, Ph.D., is Founder & Principal at cambio-Integral, and is an integral liberation psychologist, social justice educator-organizer, author, and leadership coach. His book, Consciousness-in-Action: Toward an Integral Psychology of Liberation & Transformation, is required reading in academic programs in psychology, counseling, social work, and social justice education in the US and Latin America. A racial justice educator and organizer, Dr. Quiñones also works with US Latino groups and collaborates with other organizations facilitating antiracism workshops across the United States. He has taught undergraduate and graduate students as an Adjunct at the University of Puerto Rico and at the Prescott College (Arizona).

Dr. Quiñones-Rosado holds a doctorate in psychology, specializing in integral, liberation and transformation psychologies. He is also trained in Psychosynthesis counseling and coaching, neurolinguistic programming, and martial and healing arts. Raúl has been a meditation practitioner for almost 40 years. Partner, father and grandfather, Raúl lives with his family in Puerto Rico.


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