Olen Gunnlaugson: Dynamic Presencing

Dr. Elizabeth Debold Power of We, Uncategorized

Friday, 14 June 2019: 5:00pm UTC; 19:00 CET; 10:30pm IST; 1:00pm EST-US

In this module, Olen Gunnlaugson delves into his recent research and work in Dynamic Presencing with an experiential-led process of engaging the four grounds of presence. Building on the change method of Theory U, Dynamic Presencing is an in-depth apprenticeship for developing presencing capacity in your work and life as a whole. As a vehicle for helping presencing take root in your awareness as a core way of being, Dynamic Presencing serves practitioners from a wide range of fields: coaches, leaders, facilitators, change makers, educators, therapists, artists and social innovators.

In this experiential session, Olen illustrates how uncovering and embodying the deeper ground of presence directly informs the We-Space and opens up a powerful inroad for practitioners to access key dimensions of the We together by exploring the territory of the Real, the Witness, Essence, and finally Source. Olen’s precision in activating presence through language makes this module a helpful one for participants who are interested in exploring the depth dimensions of presence as a gateway into a more robust, embodied, and lived into understanding of the We-Space.


Olen Gunnlaugson is an award-winning Associate Professor in Leadership and Organizational Development at Université Laval (Canada) where he teaches MBA courses in leadership, management skills and group communications to managers, leaders and executives. With a research background in Leadership Development, Group Communication and Leadership Coaching, he received his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia and did his Post-Doctorate at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. To date, his work has been published in 12 books as well as 35 articles and chapters in leading academic journals and books. He has presented and keynoted at numerous international conferences, received several teaching awards from universities in Canada and the USA and taught emerging leaders and executives at leading schools in Canada, USA, Austria, Sweden and South Korea.