One World in Dialogue is a global conversation space for people keen on transforming cultural conflict into creative friction through the integrating power of dialogue.

The Global Dialogue Lab

Changing the Way We Make Change

Elizabeth Debold, Thomas Steininger & Bayo Akomolafe are hosting a series of six participatory monthly forums on a new activism. With the input of the hosts and special guests, the Lab is designed to cultivate the thinking, aliveness, and creativity that can take us in new and unexpected directions. Rather than sharing best practices or learning new skills, participants in the Lab are invited to stay with what troubles us and to hold the dilemmas of change, together. Especially for social justice activists, change-makers, and aid workers, the Lab offers solidarity, support and surprise.

When? The first Friday of each month
What time? 11:00 am EDT (US), 5:00 pm CET, 8:30 pm India

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Our last course…

One World in Dialogue

A Six-Month Course for the New Global Activists and Change Agents

Do you long to make a difference in our conflicted and chaotic world?

Do you wonder how to become a truly global citizen with real cross-cultural relationships?

Are you involved in international aid work and struggle with burnout and despair?

One World in Dialogue was a six-month course led by Dr. Elizabeth Debold and Dr. Thomas Steininger, hosts of the two-day webcast, One World Rising, initiated by evolve magazine for consciousness and culture. It is designed for persons who realize that being part of global change calls for a change in our consciousness and that change won’t happen unless we can come together in new ways, across the usual boundaries that divide us.In this six-month journey, we explored together how we each can:

  • Develop the depth to hold complexity and conflict within a larger unity,
  • Discover new ways of thinking and relating that free us from old paradigms of dominance and subordination, and
  • Practice a new form of dialogue that has the power to transform egoic conflict into creative emergence.

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