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Thank you for your interest in One World Bearing Witness! In 2020, One World in Dialogue: BELONGING TO EARTH will be held December 5 – 6. We are looking forward to developing another powerful 24-hour global vigil in 2020.

A few words about registering: our One World Bearing Witness events are free. We do these events as a way to develop the human capacity of togetherness and connection. It is a form of activism at a subtle level of consciousness. Imagine if human beings experienced that we are one species before we believed in our separation. One World Bearing Witness is trying to help us take a small step in that direction.

We do depend on the support of those people who can afford to give. If you can, please donate. One World Bearing Witness is made possible through people’s love and generosity. We are grateful for every gift!

Your donation not only helps the creation of One World Bearing Witness. You will also support the powerful work of organizations that are addressing the impact of climate change on our beautiful planet. Last year we shared your donations with Amazon Watch. Thus, our meditation vigil, which works at a subtle level, will also support direct action to respond to our climate emergency.

Please also know that your registration places you on the mailing list for One World in Dialogue. This is how we communicate to you about One World Bearing Witness in December. After the event, you can choose to continue to hear from us and our partners. We do not share your information with anyone, and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you very much for your participation and support!

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