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Thank you for your interest in One World Bearing Witness! We are planning a new and powerful third year of One World Bearing Witness for 2019. Mark your calendar: it will be on the 7 – 8 December 2019.

A few words about registering: our One World Bearing Witness events are free. We offered a 24-hour free vigil in 2017 and free monthly workshops and dialogues in 2018. We are a tiny charitable organization, so we do depend on the support of those people who can afford to give. If you can, please donate. One World Bearing Witness is made possible through people’s love and generosity. We are grateful for every gift!

Please also know that your registration places you on the One World in Dialogue mailing list. This is how we communicate to you about One World Bearing Witness in December. We will also send you information about our other free programs, like the Global Dialogue Lab and Radio evolve, and our courses. We do not share your information with anyone, and you are free to unsubscribe at any time. (Although you might want to wait until after December so you don’t miss One World Bearing Witness!)

Thank you very much for your participation and support!

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