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July 31 to August 7, 2020

Closing Session

Final Material

***Here are the links to the two “sound meditations” from the retreat:

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Global Pilgrimage to Assisi & Umbria: Events
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Global Pilgrimage
Meditation Room at the Casa della Pace
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Yoga with Samira!

Join Iyengar yoga teacher Samira Djehiche live for her daily sessions — check the schedule for the time at your location. Or use the videos here at a time convenient for you.

Views of Assisi

Zeffirelli's version...

How to Prepare for an Online Retreat

To get the most benefit from this online retreat, it’s helpful to prepare in advance:

  • Will you do the retreat on your own or with friends? We will provide you with enough structure and companionship to do the retreat alone. And, it’s also great to gather a few close friends and meditate together.
  • Where will you do your retreat? Of course, you can do an online retreat at home–or anywhere. But a retreat is an opportunity to go deep and to start fresh afterwards. Having a special place–or creating one in your home–or finding a lovely spot in nature can enhance the retreat experience.
  • How will you prepare your food? We will offer you recipes for preparing simple but delicious Italian vegetarian meals. We will have significant breaks between each 3-hour meditation session so that you can easily cook and eat at a relaxed pace. If you are with friends, share in the dance of cooking together in silence. Shop in advance, as much as possible, and use the cooking time to stay in a meditative space. More about food below. 
  • How should you create a schedule? Setting a schedule is more a matter of intention than convenience. Certainly, start by seeing which of the 3-hour meditation sessions can work for you practically. But then think deeply about your intention for the retreat: do you want to have a light meditation support for a week of vacation or time off? Or do you want to go deep into Being and encounter the depths of your self? Create a schedule that you are confident that you can keep to–and then see if the currents of meditation bring you further so that you meditate more.

Eating alla Casa della Pace

Santi Borgni, the owner of Casa della Pace, is a remarkably creative vegetarian chef. His simple but vibrant meals are perfect for a meditation retreat: they don’t weigh you down–they lift you up!

For online retreatants, Santi offers you a chance to join us for meals by providing recipes for the food that we will be eating on retreat at the Casa for you to prepare for yourself. Santi has a whole philosophy of food that is actually a consciousness practice. You can learn more from the video interview that we did with Santi — it’s below.