Rose Sackey-Milligan

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

Dr. Sackey-Milligan is an educator and socio-cultural anthropologist with two decades of experience in social change philanthropy. Rose has a BA in Social Science from the University of the Virgin Islands and a MA and PhD in Anthropology both from the University of Connecticut. Engaged in a range of social justice issues for over 30 years, Rose is the former Director of Programs at the Peace Development Fund and Director of the Social Justice Program at the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society.

At cambio-integral (c-integral), she works with her colleagues to create change from the bottom up and inside out. The work of c-Integral is based on the consciousness-in-action framework and approach to integral libratory transformation developed by Raúl Quiñones-Rosado, PhD and colleagues. This approach to integral change is rooted in Latin American pedagogy, psychology, philosophy and ethics of liberation, informed by transpersonal and cross-cultural studies, and matured by over 30 years of experience in antiracist, social justice and decolonial movements in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Since 1995, Dr. Sackey-Milligan has facilitated numerous workshops in self-analysis, leadership development and building self-esteem for African, Latino, Arab, Cape Verdean and Asian students on university campuses. Rose has studied and practiced the Afro-Cuban Yorùbá-derived Lùkùmí faith since 1992 and received full ordination in 1997. Her eclectic practices include ritual, meditation and yoga.

She is currently a Senior Program Officer at MassHumanities, in Northampton, MA, as well as being Co-Director of c-integral.