A New Integral Medicine

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Lonny Jarret

Ein Gespräch mit Lonny Jarrett

Medicine, long been a triumph of modern science, is increasingly running into its own limits. The unholy marriage of the drug companies, health insurance, and medical professionals makes more and more people looking for alternatives.
Traditional forms of medicine, particularly elaborate systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine, show that they can treat human ailments successfully.
Both accupuncture and qigong have had significant success in treating people even though modern medicine is at a loss to say how they work in materialist scientific terms.
How can these alternative treatments be integrated into a more encompassing understanding of medicine that unites East and West? Lonny Jarrett has an answer.

Lonny Jarrett has been active in the field of Chinese medicine since 1980 and is recognized worldwide as a leading practitioner, author, scholar, and teacher of Chinese medicine.  He brings a unique evolutionary, ecological, and integral perspective into Chinese medicine that allows a new integration for human health.

In this episode of Radio evolve, Lonny Jarrett talks with Thomas Steininger about how Chinese medicine can help modern science to go beyond its limitations.