We're All In This Together

An Online Global Meditation
Sit-in & Be-in
Sunday, March 29
10am - 10pm UTC

Please Register Here!

Thank you for signing up for our meditation “Sit-in and Be-in!” We (at One World in Dialogue) rushed to pull this event together because we saw a need and opportunity to create and deepen human togetherness at this moment of global crisis. Meditation is a way to “be” together at the deepest level–sharing silence, which doesn’t depend on language and touches everyone. When you register, you will immediately receive access information for a Zoom videoconference by email. Please copy that link and save it. If you do not receive the email, please contact us: info@oneworldindialogue.com. We are all volunteers here, so please be patient. We will also send the link to everyone who registers on Saturday, the 28th. This meditation event is free, and you can leave us a donation, if you like. Donations make it possible for us to keep doing events like this and find new ways to bring people together. Thank you!