Ritual Stream

What is a “ritual”?

A ritual is a way of communicating and creating a shared sense of the sacred. Traditional cultures and religions use ritual to join together in their deepest values and to mark important transitions and events in the life of individuals and communities.

Rituals engage with deep archetypal structures of the psyche and gather our most powerful and urgent intentions. They have been created and expressed by human beings since ancient times.

One intent of One World Bearing Witness is to create a new form of ritual for our global reality. By weaving together wisdom and ceremony from many different peoples, we seek to create one, multi-voiced, splendid, many colored wholeness of struggle and beauty.

The Ritual Cycles

One World Bearing Witness has seven “Ritual Cycles” that each last three hours. (There is also an opening, center, and closing ritual of one hour.) Rituals typically involve a three-phase process: seclusion (or going inward), crossing the threshold, and incorporation (going outward).

Each of our Ritual Cycles focus on different aspects of bearing witness to the joy and suffering of humanity. The first hour, seclusion, is a guided meditation where we are each led into a deep silence, resonant with the intention to bear witness to these different themes.

In the second and third hours, we cross the threshold and enter into a subtle but deep exploration of the ways that we have divided against each other and against Earth. We are invited to join the Ritual Holders as they open up this terrain with us. In the final phase, we acknowledge what we have seen, felt, and experienced. We stand with the Ritual Holders. Through our solidarity with their intentions, we re-unite in a larger global community.

We request, for you and for the whole, that you engage with the whole of a Ritual Cycle and not jump in and out. There is a process involved here that has its own integrity. Your intention and attention, not knowing and bearing witness, will help you to engage deeply and help the healing of the whole.

Accessing the Webinar

The Ritual Stream will be held in the virtual space of a Zoom Webinar. To access the webinar, on Saturday, December 2, 10 or 15 minutes before we start, you simply click on the following link:


(Virtual Photo Walks is our generous partner.)

After you click on the link, you will be asked to enter your name and email. This will allow you to participate in the rituals.

If you would like to learn more about joining Zoom webinars by link, you can read more in this article: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115004954946-Joining-a-Webinar-Attendee-

Participation in the Ritual Stream

A webinar is usually a one-way form of communication. Like television, webinars usually project at you, and you watch passively or perhaps you can write notes or questions in a special chat window. The Zoom webinar allows us to interact during the rituals. It’s not simply chat or message boards, either.

During the rituals, the Ritual Holders may ask you questions. The webinar will give you the opportunity to raise your hand and be called on to speak. You may also be asked to join the “stage,” and come on camera alongside the Ritual Holders.

You will see these options at the bottom of your screen:

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.33.39 AM

You can raise your hand to share your thoughts, intentions, and responses. Once your hand is raised, then you may be invited to unmute your microphone and speak.

These possibilities for interaction, plus the exercises that the Ritual Holders will ask you to participate in on your own or with others, will enable us to really work toward sharing our intentions and moving together in solidarity.

The Ritual Cycle Themes

There are seven different themes that will guide us through the day. Each theme is a Ritual Cycle, as has been said before. Here they are:

  • Bearing Witness to Our Mother, Earth
  • Bearing Witness to Our Relatedness and Capacity for Transformation
  • Bearing Witness to the Inequalities of Wealth and Power to Bring forth a new type of Sacred Activism
  • Bearing Witness to Healing the Heart of Humanity
  • Bearing Witness to Healing the Wounds of History
  • Bearing Witness to De-Colonizing Consciousness
  • Bearing Witness to the Poetics of Our Innate Unity of Being

Check on the website or in the Ritual Guide for One World Bearing Witness to read more about the rituals and what you are asked to have ready in order to be part of them.

Go deep, and enjoy!

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