Yene Assegid

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As an Integral Leadership and Transformation Coach, Trainer and Author, Yene works with leaders around the world to support them in better understanding and effectively leveraging the dynamics of change to sustain desired transformation within their organizations as well as within their own personal lives. Her passion is finding creative and innovative ways to retain and transfer leadership wisdom and knowledge from one generation to the next, especially in economically poor nations. Her PhD entitled: “African Leadership: Perspectives of 20 African Leaders and Heads of State” has been a source of major transformation in her own life which she hopes to channel and share with as many communities as possible. She carries out her work through her company “The Shola Company, Ltd.” and her non-profit everyONEsworld as vessels to promote personal development, global leadership mindset, transformation and change through her coaching and various training programs. Her work is all about creating opportunities to capture and share leadership wisdom in order to scale up lessons learned to promote holistic change and create opportunities for global dialogue and interaction both within the integral community and beyond. She is the author of “Butterflies over Africa” and “Forget not the Sparrows”.

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