Mary Adams


Mary Adams has created and taught innovative programs globally for over a decade. A meditator for more than 30 years, her focus is deep dialogue work based on non-dual principles. She trained extensively in dialogic practice for over twenty years in a focused spiritual community dedicated to exploring the relationship between consciousness and culture.
Mary’s passion is intercultural dialogue, and she recently co-founded Emerge Forum for global dialogue. This Forum facilitates and explores the potential of the intersection of civilizational values and thought systems from both the east and west – the purpose being to establish a basis for innovative responses to the enormous challenges of a globalizing modernity.
Mary’s passion for women’s awakening and authentic leadership, plus twenty years working directly in this area, has led to her co-develop a path for women’s leadership and inner development. This includes exploring ways to think and work creatively with the evolving societal paradigms occurring between men and women across the globe. She has taught programs for women online, in Australia, Europe and the States.
Mary travelled the classic path of seeker. After studying South Asian philosophy and language in Australia she pursued her studies in India for seven years under several legendary masters, also spending months in solitary retreat.
Later moving to England she co-founded and served on the Board of an international meditation center, and also became a practicing psychotherapist. Between 1988 and 2013 she lived and worked in both the United States and UK in a spiritual non–profit organization where amongst other roles, she served as Education Director.
She currently lives in London spending her time between the UK and India. She is currently co-writing a book on women’s leadership with Elizabeth Debold, her teaching partner, and founder of the Artemis Forum.