Kalpana Sampath


Dr. Kalpana Sampath, PhD has been working as a coach, trainer and development artiste for the last 23 years helping individuals and organizations focus on excellence through clarifying their vision and values. Her work has spanned to a large section of society from involvement with corporate organizations to her work with children exploring life education. Having a flair for writing and research, she has also contributed many articles and books in the area of learning and development. Being a dance exponent, she is also involved in projects that connects music and dance to human values clarification process.
Currently she is a member of Arpitha, a group committed to spreading the concept of Evolutionary Excellence. As Director, she is at the vanguard of the movement of interventions facilitating growth and empowerment in individuals and organizations based on the ‘Evolutionary Leadership model, using the concept of vision value alignment for deep change. Working with them at a fundamental level with process-oriented approach, she facilitates awareness of deep- rooted values from which behaviour emerges.