Elizabeth Debold

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Elizabeth Debold, Ed.D., is a leading authority on gender development and author of the bestselling Mother Daughter Revolution (Addison-Wesley, 1993; Bantam, 1994), based on research conducted with Dr. Carol Gilligan at Harvard University. She was senior editor of EnlightenNext magazine (formerly What Is Enlightenment?) for ten years and is currently an editor of evolve magazine, published in Germany. Elizabeth has been sought as an expert commentator by major media outlets in the U.S. and abroad (including NPR, Good Morning America, and Oprah) and has lectured in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She served as Academic Director of the Master of Arts program in Conscious Evolution at The Graduate Institute, and has taught at Harvard University and the New School for Social Research. Committed to the creative potential of teaching with others (such as Diane Musho Hamilton, Mary Adams, Carter Phipps, Thomas Steininger, and Annette Kaiser), she has offered programs on the Evolutionary Worldview, Meditation, Evolutionary Philosophy, Women’s Development, and Evolutionary Dialogue. Elizabeth’s work explores the intersection of culture and gender identity, and she is currently working on a book on women’s development (with Mary Adams), and a collection of her essays.

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