Adebayo Akomolafe

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Adebayo Akomolafe (PhD) is a young clinical psychologist, lecturer and author from Covenant University in Nigeria. Last year, Adebayo was invited to be the Coordinator of the International Alliance for Localization, a project of Local Futures. Bayo is globally recognized for his poetic, unconventional, counterintuitive, and indigenous take on global crisis, civic action and social change, and was recently enlisted as the recipient of the Global Excellence Award (Civil Society) 2014 by FutureShapers (California). He is Coordinating Curator for The Emergence Network. Though young, he is a frequent keynote speaker and has been invited three consecutive times to be the only keynote speaker at the European Union-sponsored DEEEP/CIVICUS Summit on Building a World Citizens’ Movement. His profound contributions to the discourse on sustainability, the role of activism, climate change, poverty eradication and decolonization, led to the adoption of the Johannesburg Compass – in place of a Declaration, which had been earlier intended. As Coordinator, Bayo hopes to help co-create a trans-local ‘mycelial’ sharing of wisdoms, evoke a ‘politics of surprise’, and nurture a counterintuitive movement for a more beautiful world. He is a young man with a growing, poetic and potent voice that has captivated audiences around the world. Having co-founded a network called Koru with his life-partner, Ej, Bayo is writing his second book, ‘And We Shall Dance with the Mountains’ and a novel, ‘The Boy Who Stayed Outside’. Ej and Bayo are ecstatic parents of a girl, Alethea. His readings of ‘knowledge’, ‘development’, ‘progress’ and ‘truth’ as Eurocentric metanarratives led him to develop the first International Workshop on Alternative Research Paradigms and Indigenous Knowledge Promotion (WARP, 2011). He initiated a book project called ‘We will tell our stories: Reimagining the Social Sciences in Africa’ in 2011, and is currently publishing the book with Professors Molefi Asante (USA), Augustine Nwoye (South Africa) and Tsitsi Dangarembga (Zimbabwe), among other African intellectuals. He was appointed Visiting Scientist to Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (UK) in February 2012, and is also a member of the Global Cooperative Forum in Switzerland. His most abiding interests are the idea of civilizational transitions, localization, the multidimensionality and paradox of ‘reality’ and consciousness, and a radical planetary future.

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