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Our Guest: Pi Villaraza

Friday, May 5, 2017

Question: Can the Eastern and Western minds/spirits meet in parity in a way that has never happened before? How can this come into dialogue?

At the age of 25, Pi walked out of a busy career in integrated marketing communications on a spiritual pilgrilage where he walked for one year without money and later living for two years as a hermit on a live foods mono-diet of mostly coconuts, where a powerful energy system awoke in him, a strange inner dance that would later travel around the world as multi-layered path to transformation and healing for countless people.

Pi is currently one of the active Vision Council members of the Global Ecovillage Network in Asia, with which he founded the Emergence Convergence, an essential dialogue that gather those in the fields of education, civic society, government, healing, organic food production, nutrition and other domains where synergistic communion is happening together. He also is currently the CEO of the Self-Health Empowerment Movement, a national network for integrated medical practitioners and communities practicig integrative healing practices in the Philippines.

Pi is author of two well-received books, Conscious Trance and Transformation Medicine. For many years now, people fly into Bahay Kalipay in Palawan every first week of the month for Pi’s monthly retreat, the Energy School, a profound five-day journey that integrates the many fascinating integration points the innerdance has contributed to the fields of medicine, psychology, neurology, linguistics, sound therapy, kinesthesia, childhood development and anthropology.

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Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger, creators of One World in Dialogue, are joined by writer and agent provocateur, Bayo Akomolafe for a series of monthly forums on new approaches to activism and change-making. With the input of the hosts and special guests, the Lab is designed to cultivate the thinking, aliveness, and creativity that can take us in new and unexpected directions. Rather than sharing best practices or learning new skills, participants in the Lab are invited to stay with what troubles us and to hold the dilemmas of change, together. Especially for social justice activists, change-makers, and aid workers, the Lab offers solidarity, support and surprise.

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  • Pi Villaraza: May 5, 2017
    author, healer, community builder

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