Terry Patten: A new Republic of the Heart

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Thomas Steininger and Terry Patten

Many people know Terry Patten from his book Integral Life Practice that he co-wrote with the integral Philosopher Ken Wilber. Many know Terry Patten as the presence behind “Beyond Awakening,” an ongoing program about living what we have realized through our deeper spiritual experiences.

Terry Patten has now written a new book, A New Republic of the Heart

: An Ethos for Revolutionaries–A Guide to Inner Work for Holistic Change. Problems, as Terry sees them, can be emergent opportunities. Terry offers creative responses for our inner and outer work, responses that are needed to build an integral future. Our world is fractured and threatened, but there is also an underlying wholeness and unity. Both are simultaneously true, and only by honoring both dimensions can we make sustainable changes in ourselves, our communities, our body politic, and our planet. A New Republic of the Heart speaks of how we can “be the change” in a way that addresses the many intractable problems of our time. We have to come together in our communities for conversations that matter. And there is an urgent need for new communities, enterprises, and forms of dialogue that integrate both inner personal growth work with outer awareness, activism, and service.

This week in Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger speaks with Terry Patten about his new book: A New Republic of the Heart.