Thomas Steininger

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

I see myself primarily as a philosopher. In my Ph.D. thesis at the University of Vienna, I wrote about self-awareness and social change with an emphasis on Ken Wilber and Martin Heidegger. The questions that moved me at the time, move me still. I have an abiding interest in journalism and radio—I started out on Austrian Radio (OE1)—and currently host a weekly web radio show and founded the German magazine, evolve. For almost twenty-five years, beginning at EnlightenNext, I have co-developed dialogue practices to catalyze new potentials in consciousness and culture. I see this dialogue work, in its depth, as a spiritual practice that creates a living field of co-creative emergence (the HigherWe) and, pragmatically, as a means of bringing people together more creatively and coherently (the Emerge Dialogue Process). I co-lead emerge bewusstseinskultur e.V., an innovative German educational charity.