Peter Florian Frank

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

Peter Florian Frank calls himself an “Earth Ambassador.” Born in 1974, he started research in geomancy and spiritual practices at an early age. He has been a teacher and workshop leader for Hagia Chora and other institutions. He has initiated a number of projects committed to re-connecting Nature and Human Beings, is a sculptor of energetic power places such as various geomantic stone circles all across Europe and designs spaces for a new culture to emerge. Peter has worked closely with renowned Geomant Marko Pogacnik and the School of Geomanthia Hagia Chora.

Working as an artist in Germany and other countries, Peter creates innovative spaces for cultural and social development: “Embassy of Planet Earth”, “cantina – the free kitchen”, “Neue Räume”. His spaces are grounded on a vision of freedom and a new “WE” including the “I”, the earth as a being and the “Whole.”
Cocreator of GAIA•TOUCH – Present communication.
Poet and performance artist “BEING in”.