Nayri Niara

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

Nayri Niara (good spirit) is a collective of Aboriginal knowledge keepers, who unite Ancient Traditions with Modern Innovation to create Good Spirit.

Our Ritual hosts are all members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community and hold First Nation ancestral linages from across Australia.

Our Hosts include:

Ruth Langford – Yorta Yorta
Wendal Pitchford – Trowoolway
Linton Burgess – Trowoolway
Janice Ross – Trowoolway
Ash Dargan – Laramie
Warren Mason – Murawari

Connection to Country, Culture and to the Sacred, are guiding principles of Nayri Niara. We provide a range of healing experiences that support people to address destructive forces, heal past wounds and to open to our full potential.

Nayri Niara primarily provides opportunities for people to realigns ourselves with traditions and cultural practices which emphasises the importance of hearing the voices of our Elders, reclaiming our traditional values of honour, respect and equality and listening to the voice of our Inner Healer /Sprit, repairing transgenerational trauma and create an optimistic future.

We are dedicated to providing opportunities that not only fulfill our cultural obligations of caring for kin and Country but also to create social and economic change so that ALL BEINGS can thrive together.

To participate or invest in community capacity and healing please visit

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