Moetu Taiha

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

Moetu derives from two family lines of healers and leaders of the tribe of Tuhoe. Her knowledge has been handed down to her by several Maori Tohungas [Shamans] and acknowledged elders of her tribe. Moetu has spiritual access to information that only a few people can approach. Being grown up with her special gifts and being taught the art of healing through love since childhood Moetu now travels the world for 16 years. She give workshops and healing sessions that fascinate her pupils and leave many of them with life changing experiences.

Kia ora koutou katoa – Greetings to you all.

l’m a grandmother of 13 and a great grandmother of 1. l come from Aotearoa and my tribes are Ngai Tuhoe and Kahungunu.

l have always seen, heard and felt spirit ever since l could remember. l’ve always been able to “tell” what is happening when people came to visit.

l come from a line of Tohunga/Matekite/Healers (Spiritual Leaders & Healers) from both sides of my parents, and have worked as a healer for over 30 years nationally and internationally, traveling to Turtle lsland, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Amsterdam, Australia and the Pacific Islands to do my work, running workshops and private healings.

l work with people on all levels, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and etherically, doing hands on body-work also with the DNA and scar tissue of trauma and with the guidance of spirits/Tipuna.

My partner and l run a Retreat Centre in Germany, where l now live. From here we do Retreats, workshops and private sessions.

I was born a sickly child, raised in a close community of brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, nannys and koros-elders, where we the children were the responsibility of whose ever home we chose to go to sleep in for the night.

It was a surprise to find out at a later age that some of these “relatives” were actually not related by blood.

This practice still exists today in our tribe of Tuhoe, where we have

whangai-adopted brothers, sisters etc…

Our medicines were the plants, trees, stones, our rivers and our land. Our first aid kit were the spider webs, Mum’s tobacco, our brothers’ urine, sticks to hit our injuries with to cause bruising and of course, to touch and be touched thru mirimiri-massage.

My Mothers belief was that only a Mother knows what is wrong with her child, so treated us herself with mirimiri-massage, romiromi-bone manipulation, rongoa-plants, and karakia-prayer.

Then we were passed to our Father for more intensive karakia, taken into the river or bush and then if more was needed, to our Kuia-Grand mother/aunt for Wairua-Spiritual work.

All of this during the time of “The Tohunga Suppression Act of NZ”.

I have been able to connect with Spirit from a very young age, but chose not to work with it until the mid 80s when my youngest brother died…

Then the question arose within me “What am I here for if only to die”.

My Ancestors, The Universe, The Gods and Goddesses answered my call…

This started my journey of Healing…A journey I have been on for almost 30 years and will continue till the day I die.

I am a Naturopath and Reiki Master/Teacher.

I am a Registered Social Service worker who chooses to work within my family, extended family and Tribe of Tuhoe.

I am a Spiritual Counsellor and Body-Worker and I also teach, how to read and work on the body while accessing information via the DNA and in relation to what the ancestors and loved ones share as we work. Almost all of my mahi-work is based on my teachings from my childhood and with the guidance of my ancestors who I walk with in my everyday life.

I am a proud Mother of 1 son, 3 daughters, 14 grandchildren and 1 great grandson…

(My wealth is in the next generations I leave behind)