Lotan Sapir & Miriam Turmalin

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

Lotan Sapir is an International Dancer, Mime artist and develops audience involving theatrical experiences as well as engages and works within varies of communities using StoryTelling and different forms of art for social and ecological change. Lotan teaches mime based on Etienne Decroux Corporeal Mime and Dance theatre. Member of the Dance Institute UNESCO.

Lotan has developed work in London, Israel and South Africa. Performed in numerous of stage productions such as OneTaste Theatre, Gecko Physical Theatre Company and continuasly devises dance and mime pieces in collaboration with cross disiplinary artists such as spoken word artists, musicians, film makers in deep exploration of ways to cross borders through creation.

Since 2009 she has performed and lead the performance direction of over 20 immersive theatrical experiences one being “Secret Cinema” productions (Theatrical Film experiences) including Prometheus, Ghost Busters, The Red Shoes, Saturday Night Fever, Laura marling live experience, La Haine which brought together over thousands of people to be active participants within the shows.

Lotan uses a movement language which continuasly seeks to cross borders of what is known combining Mime, theatre and contemporary dance.

Facilitates Body work sessions for all humans in aim to reconnect Body, Mind and Soul as well as Mime and physical theatre classes to dance & theatre students.

Facilitator of workshop journeys called “The Living Space” which are based on the root work of Joanna Macy ‘The work that reconnects” of which she studied in California early 2015. These spaces build motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture.

For the last two years Lotan has been traveling through the middle east researching topics of identity, Presence, Freedom, The other and what is the new story that is rising from the people and currently writing a show “Being Human” and devising programmes for the young generation to take part in. Programmes which focus on youth empowerment, creativity and leadership. This has been inspired by her belief that Art is the catalyst of change of todays time as she saw directly in the community gatherings she developed in London and Israel which brought people together to envision how they want to see the world in the future and how in the present we can take part in it.