Jorge Crescente

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

Jorge Crescente is a psychologist and shamanic practitioner from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the President of Urkumanta, a therapeutic and community center.

Urkumanta’s purpose is to provide a spiritual vision oriented to emotional well-being and recovery, the sensitive condition of the Being of abundance with which we all come into the world. Mind and emotion, are united in a relationship of balance within a greater whole from the total person, extended to family, friends, to reach the community itself, and even beyond the limits that cultural codes allow you to see. With this we mean that every change that affects you, also affects your surroundings, the world in which you live.

Urkumanta is born as one of so many answers to questions that conventional health methods do not address.

When something new is incorporated into a system, it undergoes a global change to create a new balance that integrates novelty; moreover, not all novelty is positive for health. Our purpose is to provide the community with tools that allow us to achieve a change that induces the well-being of the individual as a Total and spiritual Being in the environment in which he or she finds himself or herself.

The different approaches that we offer have the purpose of mobilizing the currents of sensations that inhabit the body, and give more awareness to that feeling in opposition to the rational mind that is already quite over stimulated enough.

Also, from an eclectic standpoint we support this work, based on sentiment, with psychotherapy for those who go through specific conflicts that need prompt resolution.

Another complementary means of enrichment is access to knowledge of the different Original Cultures of the world through different means of dissemination and ancestral practices for the expansion of consciousness.

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