Dr. Elizabeth Debold

GINHAWA’s thrust is the integration of spirituality, creativity in the service of well-being. GINHAWA as a TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING SPACE offers workshops, sessions, retreats that nurture the body-mind-heart-spirit, honor both ancient and contemporary knowing, affirm creativity and culture. A major program development thrust is the Certificate Program for GINHAWA Facilitators, meant for Filipinos who wish to discover, develop and distill their inherent ginhawa gift so as to become channels of well-being. GINHAWA as a CONSULTANCY-ADVOCACY designs and conducts programs for NGO’s, government agencies, local and international humanitarian organizations, counselors, healing professionals, teachers, church/religious workers, and other service providers who multiply the work of well-being in the world. GINHAWA as SERVICE PROVIDER provides space for integral well-being for individuals and groups who seek kabuuan (wholeness).