Elizabeth Debold

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

I call myself a “gender futurist”—gender and social change have been my focus for the past four decades. The first half of that time, I spent as a women’s rights activist and studied developmental psychology at Harvard University (with Dr. Carol Gilligan) to learn how our identities as women and men are formed. During my time at Harvard, I co-authored a bestselling book, Mother Daughter Revolution. The second half began with joining the spiritual community EnlightenNext where I went deeper into the foundations of self and relationship rooted in consciousness itself. I have come to realize that our gender identities are so entangled in sociopolitical reality that change most often results in new versions of old problems. I work with “We” dialogue contexts to create experimental microcultures that creatively engage with diversity within a field of unity, and so, I founded One World in Dialogue and co-lead emerge bewusstseinskultur e.V., a German educational charity. www.oneworldindialogue.com