Chonon Quena

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

Ma, aka Chonon Quena and Ehryka Högström, is the executive producer of the upcoming documentary Awakening Love. The name Ma was given to her by an Indian master in 2016. Born in 1977, to a Swedish mother and a Haitian father, she is widely recognized as a prominent proponent of women’s empowerment; her ongoing work is an active force to the planetary shift to the dominant Divine Feminine as the driving force for positive change. Mother of three children, Ma began her journey as a Shambala Multi Dimensional Healing practitioner as well as a Sophrologist, before her life path surfaced with her introduction to the indigenous Shipibo Konibo medicine from the Peruvian Amazon, a decade ago. An accomplished Vegetalista (spiritual herbalism of the Amazon), Kabbalist, Tantric Numerologist and Yogini. Her path of expansion also include mantras, mudras, Womb work and fasts.

“We are One family and we have One global home, what we do to her and each other sets the foundation of our future, collectively and individually.”